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Fire Hose Adapters and Fittings

R & A Industries offers high quality fire hose adapters and fittings from Action Coupling-your source for unsurpassed service, quality and value for your money.

When customers require a fire hose adapter or fitting product that they can be assured is reliable and durable, they turn to a company like Action Coupling.

Action offers a wide range of fire hose adapters and fittings, and works hard to ensure that they improve upon not only the product quality, but the manufacturing process so they continually deliver a adapter or fitting to its customers that surpass expectations.

In its manufacturing process, Action employs materials that conform to industry standards that in the end produce a superior fire hose adapter or fitting. For example:
  • Light-weight adapters are made from hard-coated extruded lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy. The swivels are attached with a piston ring, stainless balls or roller bearings. No roll-over or still threads are ever used to attach swivels.
  • Brass couplings are the finest quality cast brass couplings available, made from 85-15 cast red brass. We can provide certificates of conformance upon request so you can be assured you are receiving a product that complies with industry specifications.

Action Fittings and Fire Hose Adapters

Below is a list of the fire hose adapters and fittings Action offers.

The adapters and fittings are available in a range in hose and thread sizes and coupling types to ensure a proper fit to address your specific needs.

  • Light-weight aluminum
    and brass internally expanded hose ends
  • Hydrants adapters and wrenches
  • Brass single hydrant gate valves
  • Brass and aluminum Siamese valves
  • Thermoplastic nozzles
  • Storz fittings
  • Dry hydrants and hydrant flushing elbows
  • Swing type hose storage reels

Our advice to you, our customers-don't underestimate the level of quality and service you need when it comes to selecting where to purchase fire hose adapters or fittings. R & A is your connection to Action Coupling for all of your fire hose products requirements.
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