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Bulk Transport

Dixon Bayco Hose Accessories, Bulk SupportDixon Bayco is the primary manufacturer that R & A Industries represents for the sale and distribution of pneumatic tank parts for bulk transport to customers all over New England.

Dixon Bayco's products are designed for use with bulk trailers and truck blowers fro the pneumatic transfer of dry bulk commodities such as powders, grains and plastic pellets, in addition to fuels.

Other industrial applications are possible when pneumatic control of air or dry products is required.

Bulk Transport Fittings

Some of the fittings they offer for use in bulk transport include:

  • Pneuclean™ Filter Systems
  • Air and Vacuum Relief Valves
  • Swing Check Valves
  • Butterfly Valves and Hopper Tees

So you can be assured that when you select a fitting with any bulk transport application, you are receiving a high quality, reliable, and durable tanker part that will meet the rapidly changing needs of the bulk transport industry.

More importantly customers will be provided with outstanding customer service from R & A. Also, they will be provided with the technical research information from Dixon that will assist them in making informed decisions when selecting a product to ensure the proper and safe application of their bulk transport needs.

R & A Industries welcomes the opportunity to provide you with service to assist you in selecting the appropriate and most cost-effective product to serve your bulk transport applications, and will guarantee you that we will meet and exceed your expectations. For additional information about the products Dixon Bayco provides for bulk trailers and truck blowers, please visit their website at

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